1.7 fl.oz/50 ml

Highly recommended for donating a natural 24 h face cream moisturizing, emollient and nourishing. Effective all day, helps protect the skin from the aggressions of external agents, making it soft and velvety. It is ideal as make-up base and can be used at any time when you feel the need for hydration.

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Apply cream every morning and evening on face: neck and the décolleté area in delicate, circular motions until completely absorbed. For booster action apply in combination with FACE OIL AMAZONIAN INGREDIENTS as extra antioxidant.

Suitable for all skin types. EXTERNAL USE



HYALURONIC ACID(biotetechnological):Thanks to its higher molecular weight, it is an excellent cosmetic moisturizer. Its low molecular weight promotes optimum penetration by preventing dehydration and plumping tissues from the inside. It has anti-aging and elasticizing power.

HYALURONIC ACID (biotetechnological):Thanks to its higher molecular weight, it is an excellent cosmetic moisturizer. It creates a superficial reticulum that slows down water evaporation and makes it ideal for stretching and plumping up he surface of the face.

P-CELL (biotechnological): Stem cells from red chilli, toning and improving elasticity of the skin . It stimulates skin metabolism.

AÇAI (natural): Moisturizing and super-nourishing anti-ageing oil, rich in anthocyanins, Omega 3, 6, 9, vitamins A, B, C, E, amino acids, minerals, polyphenols, phytosterols. High antioxidant power that neutralizes the formation of free radicals. Açai oil increases skin complexion and vitality thanks to the synergy of its bioactive substances contained in quantities 10 times higher than those contained, for example, in red grapes.

ASTAPLANCTON HA® (natural): Component rich in natural Astaxanthin – the most powerful antioxidant found in nature. It protects the skin from the aggression of external agents (UVA and UVB rays, pollution…) and combats the action of free radicals, reducing wrinkles and age spots.

BRAZIL NUT (natural): Soothing and nourishing oil, rich in vitamins B, C, E, selenium, magnesium, zinc. It also contains beta-carotene that, together with vitamin E increases the production of collagen, making the skin smooth and toned. Antioxidant.

ANDIROBA (natural): Oil with nourishing: soothing: regenerating, and renewing properties, rich in essential fatty acids and Omega 3 and 6 It also contains amounts of myristic, stearic and palmitic acid.

MURUMURU (natural): It is a great natural skin care product boasting high cosmetic properties. It is a strong vitamin A concentrate, making it an exceptional antioxidant product. Rich in vitamin F, and essential fatty acids (oleic and linoleic) with emollient properties. It also contains additional essential lauric- myristic- palmitic- stearic- capric and caprylic acids, which keep the skin resilient and hydrated, but not greasy.

CUPUAÇU (natural): Fast-absorption moisturizing butter increasing elasticity of the skin. It contains skin-like lipids, vitamins A, B, C, polyphenols, flavonoids, minerals, iron, calcium, potassium, selenium, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. It improves the skin barrier. It improves the skin barrier.


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