Agenov Skincare and Amazônia Onlus: together for the forest

Agenov supports Amazônia Onlus

Starting from March and until the end of 2021, Agenov has decided to allocate a percentage of the revenues deriving from sales on of the Amazonian Ingredients skincare line to AMAZÔNIA ONLUS.

The intent of the brand is to be able to make a real contribution in economic terms, in order to effectively collaborate in the realization of concrete projects on which the association is committed.

In this way, the end customer also has the opportunity to purchase skincare products with the awareness that each transaction will generate a contribution to Amazônia Onlus projects.

We all have the ability to move towards a more sustainable world and each of us can really make a difference.

For a better future choose AGENOV and support AMAZÔNIA ONLUS.

Amazônia Onlus

The women of the Riberinha Xixuau community do their laundry along the banks of the Juaperì River.

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most threatened ecosystems on the planet and its survival depends on its inhabitants.

Local populations are the guardians of the forest and have a fundamental role in land management, the protection of their traditions and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Amazônia Onlus is a non-profit organization, which since 2004 has supported the natives of the Amazon for the conservation of the tropical forest and its biodiversity, offering health, training, income and sustainable development to the communities of the Jauaperi National Park, in Brazilian Amazon.

Amazônia Onlus has carried out numerous environmental conservation projects and social and humanitarian interventions, improving the quality of life of the Caboclos population and helping to protect about 600 thousand hectares of tropical forest.

“We believe that man and the environment are indivisible. To guarantee the future of our species, it is important to stop the destruction of the environment, starting with the forests, which are vital for the climate balance and biodiversity of the planet. We work to ensure the long-term conservation of the Amazon, the largest tropical forest on the planet. “