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Amazonian Active Principles
Active principles

AGENOV represents a new vegan skincare line where Amazon rainforest’pristine nature meets the italian technology.

The skincare brand in its name contains the promise of a “new age”, a return to the youth and integrity of our skin and the nature that surrounds us.

AGENOV was designed to pay homage to Genoa, its beauty and the wonderful places that surround it, such as the famous Portofino which inspired the sense of beauty in great artists of all time.


Our face cosmetics are the result of an in-depth study on the beneficial properties of natural products from the Amazon rainforest and technological research conducted in the best Italian laboratories, in full respect of the environment around us.

Our goal is to take care of any type of skin with natural and reliable products without the addition of silicones, petrolatum and dyes.


Thanks to made in Italy technologies and the botanical traditions of the Amazon, Agenov skincare products offer your body everything it needs for proper skincare.

The body care cosmetics have been formulated with highest quality selected ingredients such as oils and butters from the amazonian rainforest, to make your skin soft, hydrated, toned and velvety all day long.


The Amazonian and technological active ingredients are the protagonists of the products of the vegan skincare line signed by Agenov.
The beneficial properties of the Amazonian active ingredients act on all skin types ensuring hydration, nutrition, elasticity and brightness to your face and body skin. Agenov is a mission for your skin


The Tropical Fruits line is a line of products for skin care, hygiene and for the home, which has been specially designed starting from Brazilian fruits and combined with an exotic fragrance that leads you to carefree satisfying the desire to escape in a tropical paradise


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News from the Agenov world

Buriti oil, before being one of the best performing ingredients of Agenov Skincare vegan cosmetics, is an exotic fruit that comes from a robust palm, Mauritia flexuosa L.F, present in Brazilian ecosystems...

Açai (Euterpe oleracea) is a plant of the Arecaceae family rich in food and cosmetic properties and benefits.
This species prefers humid places along river beds or marshy areas, and grows wild only in Brazil...

The vegan philosophy for some is a fashion, for others it is a real choice of life. It does not only concern nutrition but embraces various aspects such as fashion, environmental protection and for some time it has also reached the universe of cosmetics...


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