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It’s the new skincare brand containing, in its name itself, the promise of a “new age”, a coming back to youth, to our skin integrity as well to the nature surrounding us. AGENOV has been conceived to pay tribute to Genoa, the enchanting Italian city where Carmen Silveira has been living for over 30 years and right here she grew her beautiful family. AGENOV, to say thank you to Genova, to its beauty and to its enchanting outskirts, such as the famous Portofino that inspired the sense of beauty to Carmen as well as to the greatest artists of all times.

Carmen Silveira


DSC6437-1 About usCarmen Silveira was born in Brazil, into a family devoted to the textile business, but she moved to Italy at a very young age. Here she developed her career as a fashion designer and founded what was to become a well-established swimwear business. It was on a trip to Amazonia that Carmen first discovered the many amazing fruits that she was to fall in love with. Thus was conceived her wish to research and discover the properties and the benefits of these wonders of nature. She began her research in collaboration with the universities in the city of Manaus (the capital of Amazonia), and then continued her project in Italy, with a team of scientists working under her direction.
Carmen’s idea was born from the fact that the skin needs to be nourished with the same nutrients we eat, and not with petroleum derivatives, silicones and preservatives of various sorts, which are harmful not only to ourselves, but also to our seas and rivers.
Her desire was to create a cosmetics brand that embodied both luxury and eco-sustainability, that preserved the green breathing forest of Amazonia. Her innovative vision brings together technological progress and the best of the fruits of that forest.

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